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23 February 2023
23 February 2023
Posted by TrafficGuard

Getting your advertising Ramadan ready: A guide to web and app usage over Ramadan

Did you know that the accommodation, air travel, and restaurant industries all experience huge surges in web traffic during Ramadan? Or that app downloads on average increase by 36.5% during the four weeks of observance? Of course you did. You’re probably here because you’re assessing your Ramadan marketing strategy, and want to know how you can sensitively and effectively capitalise on the increase of people searching for flights, gifts and meals out to celebrate with their families.

To help you on your mission, we’ve teamed up with market intelligence platform SimilarWeb to explore some of the user behaviour changes that take over the season, and explain the opportunities these changes present. Download our eGuide and learn more about:

  • What events cause fluctuations in demand for different products and services
  • When your audience starts their research process within your category
  • What behavioural changes occur that might impact the value of your offering
  • The channels where you can reach them

[Download the guide]