How ad Fraud Affects Brand Marketing

April 13, 2023
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Chadwick Kinlay, the Chief Marketing Officer of TrafficGuard, shares his insights on ad fraud’s impact on brand marketing and what APAC marketers need to know about it to safeguard their brands.

Advertising fraud is a global problem. The ad fraud cost is estimated to reach US$44 billion or about 45 percent of total ad spend this year. Statista suggested that ad fraud’s annual cost will grow from US$35 billion in 2018 to US$100 billion this year. The increasing number of ad frauds prompts publishers and advertisers to take action and preventive measures against those who abuse the system for financial gain.

MartechAsia interviewed Chadwick Kinlay, the Chief Marketing Officer of TrafficGuard, an ad fraud verification and prevention platform. He shared expert insights about ad fraud’s impacts on marketing and the education sector and the preventive measures available.

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