How to Protect your Mobile App Campaigns from the Treat of Digital Ad Fraud

February 1, 2023
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The digital advertising world is becoming a battleground as companies race to win over customers. In this heated competition, marketers are desperately seeking ways to engage users on platforms like Google Play and the App Store. But their efforts are being sabotaged by the growing threat of ad fraud. Fraudsters are infiltrating mobile campaigns with fake traffic, and if marketers don't act now, this problem will spiral out of control.

The statistics on ad fraud are alarming. A recent report found that the rate of install fraud on mobile apps worldwide was 7% for Apple iOS apps and 12% for Android apps. Additionally, last year, Apple had to deactivate around 170 million fraudulent customer accounts. The post-attribution fraud rate for iOS apps was also found to be a staggering 20%.

The most concerning prediction is that the total cost of ad fraud will reach $100bn by 2023. Historically, ad fraud was more prevalent among display ads and low-quality publishers, but fraudsters are always finding new ways to stay ahead of their victims. As smartphone usage continues to rise in the Asia Pacific region, the scale of ad fraud is also expected to increase.

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