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01 October 2019
01 October 2019
Posted by Luke Taylor

Mitigation of false advertising in online businesses

The below commentary originally appeared in a recent article by Indonesian publication SWA Online and is translated from its publication language, Bahasa.

With the growing smartphone penetration, it turns out there are many parties who want to take advantage of our habits by employing ad fraud or fake advertisements. It is, therefore, no surprise that with Indonesia’s high rate of smartphone and mobile app users, advertisers of especially popular e-commerce, delivery, and transportation apps, are becoming potential targets for ad fraud. 

TrafficGuard Founder and COO, Luke Taylor spoke to SWA online about TrafficGuard’s approach to tackling the increasing rate of ad fraud in Indonesia. The main challenge is to help business owners secure their marketing channels and ensure safety.

Ad fraudsters were able to generate US$18 billion in revenue in APAC alone, and this figure is expected to increase over the next three years. Therefore, TrafficGuard will continue to build awareness in Indonesia on how online ad fraud impacts businesses and the measures required to create a safer digital ecosystem.