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26 September 2019
26 September 2019
Posted by TrafficGuard

Powerful insights to optimise your campaigns

Traffic insights don’t just drive transparency and trust in the digital advertising ecosystem but also give you actionable intelligence to drive growth.

With our latest reporting updates, we give you innovative analytics capabilities on your TrafficGuard dashboard so that you and your traffic sources can optimise your campaigns better.

Here are some of the benefits of the newly introduced insight-driven features:

  • The All Traffic report gives you easy to use, consolidated reporting view of your overall traffic, categorised by invalid, filtered and success. Compare campaigns, sources and site IDs;
  • In the Threat report, you get visibility of your invalid and filtered traffic and the ability to group them by rejection reasons, partners and campaigns;
  • Use Events report to monitor traffic quality at different event stages such as app open, add to cart, checkout, registration and purchase, and identify where fraudulent events occur;
  • In the Time to Install report, you can track click injection and click spam to identify fraudulent app installs and the sources or campaigns delivering them;
  • In Retention report, you can easily identify your most engaged app users and the sources delivering them. Group by campaigns, location, partners and more, to drive optimisation towards your most engaged users.