The 2023 Pandemic Impacting your Bottomline

April 18, 2023
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Global ad fraud is now a US$127bn problem and affects businesses in every sector across Australia, from a two-person start-up to a 20,000-employee multinational.

No online business is immune from this, as fraudsters, competitors, and bots attack online spending for their own advantage. At TrafficGuard, we think companies need to be better informed about the risks and how much they could be losing.

Regardless of the size of your budget, anyone trying to reach customers through digital channels could be losing, on average, 15-20 per cent of their budget to sophisticated online scams.

Clearly, ad fraud – whether bot-driven or not – will impact your bottom line in terms of both returns on ad spend (ROAS) and customer acquisition cost (CAC). A less obvious problem is that it lays false trails meaning that not only is your current campaign less effective than it should be, but the bad data collected from it could also potentially negatively impact your future campaigns as well.

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