To Track or Not to Track: The Marketer’s Dilemma

May 23, 2022
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It has almost been a year since Apple released its seismic privacy tool that sent the advertising industry – and Facebook’s shares – spiraling. For more than a decade, digital media platforms and marketers have become accustomed to a data free-for-all where users’ personal information is bought, sold, and reshared without batting an eyelid. But not for much longer.

With the dawn of Apple’s intelligent tracking prevention tool (ITP) and Google sunsetting its cookie, Asia Pacific marketers are facing a profound shift in the consumer-brand relationship. Consumers are demanding visible seals guaranteeing that brands are not tracking them and their trust in media, entertainment, and technology companies is at an all-time low. Does that mean, as the EU’s top privacy regulator has demanded, the end of targeted advertising? Probably not, but it at least needs a rethink.

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