Top Aussie Travel Brand Revealed to Have Spent Tens of Thousands on Fake Web Clicks

April 18, 2023
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As air traffic increases due to the travel rebound, so too does the amount of fraudulent web traffic costing the industry billions of dollars.

Research from TrafficGuard, a digital ad verification and fraud prevention platform shows global travel advertising spend rose 36 per cent last year. And, that massive increase has made it a target for cyber criminals.

While a run in with a scammer can often be just an annoying phone call trying to get you to sign up to some sort of crypto-currency, it can also be incredibly expensive.

Global ad fraud is now a US$127 billion problem and affects businesses in every sector across Australia, from a two-person start-up to a 20,000 employee multinational.

The research shows bots make up to 80 per cent of all invalid traffic for travel advertisers, which is a stark contrast to the 15-30 per cent affecting other industries.

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