Trafficguard’s Fraud Detection Solutions Help Marketers Get More Value from Ad Spend

August 8, 2022
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Like any space in which large sums of money are moved, the online advertising world is an attractive one to fraudsters. Indeed, the impersonal nature of the transactions, and a reliance on easily-fiddled metrics mean that ad fraud is one of the biggest challenges facing advertisers, publishers, and ad-tech enterprises alike today.

A key challenge around digital ad fraud is that no one really knows exactly how big a problem it is. Trafficguard and Juniper Research predict that the cost of ad fraud will increase to USD87 billion by 2022; most of this will be lost in the Asia Pacific region whilst the World Federation of Advertisers predicts that it will become the biggest market for organised crime by 2025, worth USD50 billion.

So what is ad fraud? And in what contexts does it primarily occur? To answer these questions, we speak to Luke Taylor, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of, a cloud-based digital ad fraud protection solution, which assists digital advertisers, agencies, and advertisement networks with fraud prevention and mitigation.

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