Why the Education Sector Needs a Lesson in Ad Fraud

May 8, 2023
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Education marketers need to be fully aware of the digital advertising supply chain which requires more trust and transparency

Education is one of the world’s most competitive sectors, with institutions investing up to billions of dollars in attracting students. Faced with rigorous growth targets and a shrinking pool of potential students, education marketers are spending a staggering US$2000 per student in customer acquisition cost (CAC) – one of the highest in the world. And now, unsurprisingly, the sector’s digital advertising investments have become a huge target for advertising fraudsters.

Since the very beginnings of digital ad buying, brands have been beset by scores of bots and fake traffic that syphon marketing dollars from online campaigns. As one of the industry’s endemic – and costly problems, advertising fraud is expected to cost around US$100 billion in 2023.


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