#30SecondThoughts: How can you reduce CAC across your campaigns?

Learn expert strategies from Patri Freijo, VP of Customer Growth, on minimising Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) across your campaigns. Discover actionable tips to optimise your marketing efforts and boost ROI!

Watch the video to gain invaluable insights into the art of minimising Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) across your diverse marketing campaigns, and uncover a treasure trove of actionable strategies and proven tips meticulously designed to supercharge your marketing efforts. Not only will you learn how to trim down your CAC, but you'll also discover the secrets to elevating your Return on Investment (ROI) to new heights.

Want to learn more about TrafficGuard's powerful verification rules, and how you can take your optimisation strategy to the next level? Don't settle for prevention mode only - with our click frequency rules, you can take control of how many times a user clicks on your ads across your standard shopping campaigns. This feature is available at both the account and campaign level, so you have complete flexibility and control.

Read this two blogs to learn more about "How to Reduce CAC across your standard shopping campaigns" and "How to Reduce CAC across your brand search campaigns".

Interested in learning more about Click Frequency? Then watch our Customer Success Insights video on how to set Click Frequency.


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