CS Insights: Custom Validation Rules

Join Aaron Chambers, our seasoned PPC specialist and marketing manager, in this insightful video as he dives deep into the world of Custom Validation Rules by TrafficGuard. Discover how to fine-tune your ad campaigns with precision and ensure optimal performance.

Custom validation

TrafficGuard gives you the insight to identify the optimal thresholds for click frequency for your campaign goals. With TrafficGuard's powerful Validation
Rules you are able to set the number of times a user clicks on a paid ads campaign. Once this threshold is reached,TrafficGuard will stop these users from seeing that campaign for a set period of time. You can also define parameters around clicks from specific geographies, public proxy users, TOR users, and VPN users.

The benefits of custom validation rules

  • Reclaim brand awareness budget from being spent on users who are already familiar with your business
  • If certain geographies are delivering large amounts of invalid traffic, you can accurately stop them from interacting with your campaigns

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