eMarketer: Mobile App Marketing: How to Combat Ad Fraud and Drive Viable Installs

In times of economic downturns, every marketing dollar is crucial. 

Unfortunately, the menace of fake traffic and app installs is a constant threat, draining ad budgets and derailing mobile app marketing strategies.

The answer to this problem lies in meticulous verification, ensuring you pay only for legitimate traffic.

In this insightful tech talk hosted by eMarketer, Matt Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer of TrafficGuard, explores effective strategies to detect and prevent ad fraud in your mobile app user acquisition campaigns. Sutton emphasises the importance of rigorous verification methods in ensuring that every dollar spent drives genuine app installs.

TrafficGuard's sophisticated technology is designed to combat ad fraud head-on, ensuring your ad spend targets, genuine users. Our advanced machine-learning algorithms identify and filter out fraudulent traffic, ensuring you're not paying for illegitimate clicks or bogus app installs.

By leveraging TrafficGuard's ad fraud prevention technology, marketers can make the most of their budgets, driving valuable user acquisitions and boosting the overall ROI of their mobile app marketing strategies.

Learn from the experts how to successfully combat ad fraud and drive viable installs for your mobile apps. Tune in to this enlightening eMarketer tech talk and discover how TrafficGuard can fortify your mobile app marketing strategy.


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