Rappi's mission to fight ad fraud with TrafficGuard

High-growth super apps like Rappi face many challenges, with ad fraud being a significant one that impacts their business in various ways. For a comprehensive solution to this pervasive issue, Rappi turned to TrafficGuard.

After evaluating multiple vendors, TrafficGuard's real-time ad fraud prevention emerged as the most suitable solution for Rappi's needs. Our system's real-time capability to detect and deter fraudulent activities offered Rappi the comprehensive protection they sought.

The results have been compelling. Since adopting TrafficGuard, Rappi has seen a notable increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The insights provided by our system have enabled Rappi to optimise their campaigns faster, attracting higher-quality app users and driving business growth.

The partnership between Rappi and TrafficGuard demonstrates the tangible benefits of a robust ad fraud prevention strategy. Our mission to fight ad fraud continues, and we're proud to stand alongside Rappi in their journey.


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