Getting your advertising Ramadan ready

Getting your advertising Ramadan ready

Whitepapers 20 February 2020 Posted by TrafficGuard

Knowing how seasonal events such as Ramadan, impact your target audience’s propensity to spend is crucial in aligning your efforts with their shopping intent for the best advertising return. This involves understanding the changes in user behaviour and its impacts on the value of your offering, as well as the right channel and time to reach your target audience.

This guide by TrafficGuard, in collaboration with market intelligence platform, SimilarWeb, explores key web and app user behaviour over Ramadan and how it influences your advertising strategy.

Ramadan sees app downloads surge 36.5%, presenting a big opportunity for apps to grow their user bases and engagement.


App downloads over Ramadan

Download this guide to learn more about:

  • Events that cause fluctuations in demand for different products and services;
  • Web & app user behaviour changes that impact the perceived value of your offering;
  • Tips on how you can take advantage of the seasonal opportunity.

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