Performance Ad Fraud Protection

Performance Ad Fraud Protection

Grow your digital advertising with confidence

TrafficGuard detects, mitigates and reports on digital ad fraud before it hits your advertising budget. Three formidable layers of protection block both general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) to ensure that digital advertising results in real engagements. With visibility of traffic across thousands of campaigns, TrafficGuard’s machine learning can identify emerging patterns, trends and indicators of fraud quickly and reliably.

TrafficGuard can help you...

Surgically remove fraud and protect valid traffic

TrafficGuard monitors transactions looking for indicators of fraudulent activity and blocks the activity in real-time. Our surgical approach minimises the risk of false positives to provide a granular picture of valid traffic.

Receive transparent and consistent reporting

Our holistic approach provides consistent reporting for each client and partner, with transaction level detail available for export. No more install volume disputes and chargebacks at the end of the month; all parties have access to the same numbers in real-time.

Optimise fast, to drive superior ROI

TrafficGuard analyses traffic at multiple stages in the advertising journey. Removing fraud at the earliest reliable identification keeps performance data clean, speeds up optimisation and reduces your measurement and analytics costs.

Triple layered ad fraud prevention

The only fraud prevention solution offering protection across three levels – at the impression, click, and event levels.

Impression Level

TrafficGuard’s sophisticated fraud detection starts at the impression level where it monitors traffic for signs of fraud and collects data to enable the earliest reliable fraud mitigation.

Click Level

TrafficGuard blocks fraudulent and invalid clicks in real time based on a wide variety of indicators available at the click and impression. Ad stacking and bot traffic are just a couple of fraud tactics TrafficGuard blocks at the click.

Event level

For post-click conversions such as installs (CPI), sales (CPS), leads (CPL) etc, event data provides another opportunity to validate traffic. Validation of traffic in advance of attribution helps ensure consistency in valid traffic volumes between advertisers, supply sources and intermediaries.

Always learning

Each level creates a cumulative data loop, strengthening TrafficGuard’s machine learning algorithms.



Some solutions excessively block traffic and sources resulting in false positives for advertisers and unfairly penalised traffic sources. Our surgical approach reduces false positives by only removing instances of invalid traffic. This leads to improved valid traffic volumes for advertisers and overall better performance.



TrafficGuard is not a black box. We share IVT diagnoses with advertisers and supply partners to demonstrate the science in diagnosis. This 2-way transparency facilitates trust and ensures that both parties have the same traffic volumes at invoice time – saving time and effort wasted on invoice reconciliation.



Our technology was purpose-built from the ground up and developed specifically to fight ad fraud. TrafficGuard analyses multiple stages in the advertising journey to remove invalid traffic at the earliest reliable diagnosis.

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