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Mobile Audit Overview

Unprecedented insights in 3, 2, 1...

See how TrafficGuard works and find out how we could make your mobile app ROAS go galactic

  • Proven at scale to maximise mobile app budgets and achieve better results from your advertising dollars
  • Protect user acquisition efforts from the effects of invalid traffic
  • Comprehensive, shareable traffic check summary report detailing all invalid traffic detected and its financial impact on your mobile app
Real-life results

Results from one mobile app’s campaign traffic 👇

12.3% of clicks came from preventable invalid traffic threats

The largest threat type was from IPs driving multiple clicks over a short amount of time.

$33,590 of budget was unlocked during this period alone

Ad fraudsters are smart, but TrafficGuard is smarter. Our solution is driven by machine learning algorithms to ensure even the smartest attack methods are thwarted.

159,310 additional conversions a year would be possible with TrafficGuard

Ad fraudsters are smart, but TrafficGuard is smarter. Our solution is driven by machine learning algorithms to ensure even the smartest attack methods are thwarted.

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The benefits

Book your traffic quality assessment and you’ll receive...


A razor-sharp reporting deck with two-weeks of traffic analysis


Insights into which campaigns are delivering the most IVT, and where threats are coming from


Recommendations specific to your brand on how to mitigate the effects of IVT

Download this example report and see what you’re missing.
The traffic audit process for mobile

Prepare for take off: Here’s How The Test Drive Works

Explore TrafficGuard Test Drive's advanced capabilities, built to deliver seamless real-time traffic analysis and useful reporting. Give yourself the tools to make data-driven decisions, and speed ahead past the competition.

1. Setup and integration

After you complete a short checklist, our team will complete the MMP integration and partner setup. Your audited partners will use a TrafficGuard tracking link, which corresponds to their MMP link.

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2. Audit begins

Once we confirm the accuracy of the data being passed, the audit begins. TrafficGuard analyses traffic in real timein 'Detection' mode to find and identifysources of invalid traffic. You’ll have access to your own TrafficGuard dashboard to review this protection in real-time

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3. Check in

During the audit we’ll check in to explain what we’ve found so far, discuss any specific learnings you’re looking for, and answer any questions you might have

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4. The results

We’ll provide you with a full report generated using data from our past two weeks of work. You’ll be able to clearly see the value of having invalid traffic cleansed from your campaigns, as well as the data and analytics you can use to make optimisations.


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