TrafficGuard for Affiliate

Maximise your return on affiliate ad spend.

With the rise in online affiliate marketing scams, trusting data from third-party advertising partners can be challenging. However, with TrafficGuard's Affiliate Fraud Protection, combating affiliate fraud becomes significantly more manageable, providing a reliable shield against such deceptive practices.

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How we help

Monitoring your partners for affiliate fraud so you don't have to.

Our affiliate ad fraud prevention solution platform verifies all affiliate activity to prevent misattribution and stop invalid traffic in its tracks. TrafficGuard offers a full-funnel, multipoint solution that measures users’ engagement, intent, and propensity to convert. This gives a totally transparent view of advertising activity, enabling marketing teams to make bold optimisations backed up by accurate data.

Why TrafficGuard?

Here’s how our Affiliate Fraud Protection verifies partner traffic to unlock data insights and give you complete trust in your campaigns.

Complete transparency around affiliate referrals

We provide you with in-depth transparency into the domains your campaign traffic originated from.

Reinvest budget for better return on affiliate spend

Every penny saved from the pockets of fraudsters can be reinvested towards targeting genuine users, you can expect an increased ROI just days after rolling out the TrafficGuard platform.

Full funnel, full protection from affiliate fraud.

With TrafficGuard on your side, you can feel the benefits of the most comprehensive, full-funnel, real-time invalid traffic detection suite.


Sync with over 000 of your favourite apps

With over 000 integrations, we make it easy to continue using the software you love.

Customer spotlight

These guys loved it 👇

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what the world’s leading brands had to say about TrafficGuard.

“By having cleaner traffic, we could find reliable sources and allocate budget better, putting money where it is really bringing results. Having a fraud prevention solution is a must for any growth professional. TrafficGuard is a key partner to helping us achieve our results.

"Knowing that our app installs are independently verified gives us confidence that misattribution is mitigated and our data stays as clean as possible, providing accuracy to our digital advertising performance measurement.

“Gone are the days of manually optimising out fraud. Now we can better focus on driving results for our clients.”

What do we protect?

Formidable fraud protection, wherever your ads are.

The best marketers are using multichannel campaigns to reach wide audiences; the worst fraudsters are doing the same. We protect digital campaigns on every front, blocking bots and fraudsters from playing havoc with your ads, wherever they may be.

Shoot straight up the SERP

With Google Search ad fraud protection, you’ll never again be burdened by repeat clickers, crafty competitors, or budget-busting bots. Just real people who want your services. Ka-ching.

Conquer the app store

Protecting your mobile app from fraud gives you a mega advantage when it comes to app marketplace listings and user acquisition efforts.

#Winning with social platform protection

Guarding your Meta campaigns saves precious budget from bogus clicks, meaning your ads can reach hundreds, thousands more people than before. Omg, right?

Get 👀 on your third party partners

Affiliate platforms are notorious for fraudulent activity and compliance chaos. We verify every engagement so you can rest assured your affiliate platforms are delivering on their promises (and dump the ones that aren’t).

Our case studies

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