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Optimise with TrafficGuard's Performance Max. Combat invalid traffic, gain insights, and elevate your aAdd TrafficGuard’s award-winning invalid traffic prevention solution to your cart.d returns through transparent, cutting-edge solutions.

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Invalid traffic is rife across eCommerce digital advertising activity...

...and it’s costing businesses big time.


The total cost of ad fraud is  predicted to increase to $100 billion by the end of 2023[1]


Online retail is one of the top 10 worst affected industries by ad fraud[2]


eCommerce vendors are losing thousands per month to the effects of IVT[3]

Delivering these revenue-boosting benefits for online retailers

Massively reduce bounce rate and cart abandonment by ensuring only verified users engage with your advertisements

Drive customer acquisition efforts with cleaner traffic and a better optimised advertising budget

Boost return on ad spend (ROAS) across all marketing channels and outshine competition with the same ad spend as before

Multichannel fraud protection, underpinned by a formidable bot-blasting algorithm

Google Search

Optimise your ad budget to better compete for high-value eCommerce keywords

Mobile UA

Drive more traffic to your retail app and verify the data from your third-party advertisers


Massively improve return on affiliate spend by validating traffic from the channels you can’t control


Remove invalid traffic and see greater returns from lucrative social channels

This online marketplace enjoyed X 24 ROI of the TrafficGuard platform

It’s so easy, even your sales guy could do it. You can even try it risk-free with a free trial.

  • TrafficGuard identified 135% more invalid traffic than identified by Google, representing a cost-saving of $3k+
  • Invalid traffic sources were forecast to generate a further $7k in invalid traffic in the same month if left unabated
  • Invalid traffic stood to waste 25% of this client’s monthly ad spend
  • Removal of invalid traffic to result in 12% reduction of cost per conversion
  • Conversion rate improved by 8% as low-quality traffic was removed

Built with you in mind: Award-winning eCommerce ad fraud protection

eCommerce marketers face budget constraints, discerning customers, and the challenges of seasonal peaks and troughs in demand. It’s tough out there. eCommerce marketers must make every penny of their ad budget work hard to stand out from the competition, drive web traffic and increase conversions. TrafficGuard is built to solve eCommerce marketing pain points, and drive down bounce rates, cart abandonment, and budget wastage.

Why not see for yourself? Try our invalid traffic calculator

Using data from over 5000 TrafficGuard customers, we’ve created the ultimate tool for estimating the financial impact invalid traffic is having on your campaigns. Don’t take our word for it, let the numbers talk.

Bigger, better, brainier. Choose TrafficGuard for unparalleled benefits.

TrafficGuard’s technology leads the pack

Competitors wish they could have even half of the technical capabilities of our platform. From custom validation to Shadow Campaigns, TrafficGuard’s features exist to make your life easier.

TrafficGuard is the most transparent ad fraud solution on the market

Our development and client success teams are full of talented individuals who have years of advertising experience across industries and roles, so we know that performance marketers love to wrangle with data. That’s why we built our whole solution around data transparency and insightful reporting.

TrafficGuard runs on the most intelligent ad fraud protection algorithm

TrafficGuard’s AI/ML models analyse combinations of indicators over time and across devices to detect fraud as it evolves as well as mitigate false positives. When used alongside rules engines and blacklists, our models provide far greater protection against both known and unknown forms of ad fraud.

TrafficGuard has loads of friends

We’re integrated with many ad networks and affiliate platforms and are constantly building relationships to ensure we have the most comprehensive partnership matrix on the market.

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