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Give your campaigns the gift of clean, verified data by banishing non-converting traffic from all your marketing channels

What are we talking about?

What is invalid traffic? 🤔

Get clued up on invalid traffic (IVT) and the ways our ad fraud protection is helping marketers fight back.

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Invalid traffic (IVT) is any advertising engagement that doesn’t represent genuine interest in the advertised offering. IVT can be malicious (that’s ad fraud), non-malicious or accidental. All IVT drains ad spend and provides a big fat zero ROI. Not good.

💩 for your budget

Up to 30% of your ad spend could be wasted on invalid clicks which will never convert.

💩 for your performance

With less budget, the reach of your ads is severely hampered. Less relevant users see your advertisements, meaning fewer clicks, fewer conversions, and one very sad marketing team.

Hear it from the experts 👇

How can IVT affect your marketing campaigns? Here's the low-down on IVT, including the ways TrafficGuard can mitigate it to deliver optimal results.

The benefits

The 💰📈🥇 things that happen when you protect your ad campaigns

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More for your money

Same budget, just better. Reinvest the money saved from the clutches of fraudsters and reach a bigger, better audience with the same ad spend you had before.


Genuinely good engagement

When ads are only reaching valid, human users, the most important marketing metrics start moving in the right direction. CPA goes down, conversion rates go straight up.


Sky-high ROI

In competitive industries, every penny of ad spend counts. Make that budget work harder and get better results by ensuring your traffic is clean, relevant and verified.

How TrafficGuard works

Protection for the full funnel

From click to conversion, bad traffic stands no chance against our three formidable layers of fraud protection.

Pre-bid exclusions

We stop your campaigns bidding on placements that are non-viewable or invalid.

In stream prevention

Once your ad is clicked, we corroborate the signal with its related impression and enriches that data with intelligence from our proprietary Reputation IQ database to provide real-time validation.

Attribution verification

As well as limiting the opportunity for misattribution with in-stream prevention, we verify attribution in real-time before sources are notified.

A peek inside the platform

The product features built with over-worked, under-funded, high-targeted marketers like you in mind.

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You make the rules with Traffic Control

No one knows your business like you. While we take care of the invalid traffic, you can set custom rules to filter traffic that doesn’t meet your exacting quality standards.Exclude traffic from:

  • Certain site categories including crypto, adult, and torrent sites.
  • Users of LAT, TOR, VPNs, specific IP addresses or Device IDs, specific countries, specific devices or platforms.

One solution to guard them all

Our flexible integration options mean you can use the platform for:

  • Any business - brands, apps, agencies, ad networks.
  • Any channel - performance, programmatic, self-attributing networks, social media.
  • Any campaign type - CPM, PPC, CPI, CPE, CPA.

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Microscopic data analytics

One for the spreadsheet-heads. Missing or incorrectly populated tracking parameters mean that some traffic is never eligible for attribution by your tracking or measurement platforms. Get a view of data quality issues to correct these problems and get your campaigns tracking accurately.


Sync with over 000 of your favourite apps

With over 000 integrations, we make it easy to continue using the software you love.

Revenue-driving, campaign thriving protection from TrafficGuard.

Start your free-trial today for a no-obligation nosey around the platform. With TrafficGuard on your side, your campaigns will feel the benefits of cleaner traffic instantly.

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