Countdown to Euro 2024: Five Expert Tips To Optimise Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

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For four weeks this summer, all eyes will be on Germany and the Euro 2024 football tournament. 

During the last men’s tournament (2020, but held in 2021 due to COVID), European bookmakers took 15% of their total annual deposits: an almost 90% increase on the average month in that year. Factor in a projected annual growth rate in the European online gambling market of around 9% by 2025, and savvy sportsbook operators are potentially looking at a bumper year. 

All this is to say that the football pitch won’t be the only place where competition is fierce: sports betting companies will be vying to capture the biggest share of the new ‘casual’ gambling market, at the same time as retaining their existing customer base in the face of their competitors’ aggressive acquisition campaigns. 

A well-thought-through and executed customer acquisition strategy is key here. Using data-backed insight and targeted, effectively optimised ad campaigns which are protected from click fraud (another thing that unfortunately sees a surge in popularity during major sporting events), you can ensure your customer acquisition costs stay low and your ROAS high. 

Read on for five key tactics to attract new customers, and keep them coming back for more. 

1. Understand data-driven insights 

This one seems obvious, but you must identify and clearly define your audience before you can even think about targeting them - otherwise, who are you targeting? Amalgamate your data from multiple sources such as GA4 and your existing user personas, and you could even lean on your sales teams to understand some of the conversations they’re having. 

You can then clearly define your key metrics and measures for success to ensure everything you do is supporting your customer acquisition strategy.

2. Enhance your customer’s experience with mobile optimisation

The use of sports betting apps has rocketed in recent years; in 2022, revenue generated through apps in the US market was up 71% on a year previous, so an effective mobile user acquisition strategy is vital. Don't worry, read through "Our Guide on Mobile User Acquisition" to elevate your mobile optimisation. 

3. Implement advanced click fraud protection

“Where money goes, fraud follows” and nowhere is it more true than in sports betting. Whether it’s sophisticated fraud like bots claiming sign-up bonuses, or simply returning users repeatedly clicking on your ads, burning through your budget and needlessly pushing up your cost of customer acquisition, this is the single biggest blind spot for marketers. Luckily for you, click fraud prevention is our specialty. TrafficGuard safeguards your ad budgets and maximises your ROAS. 

4. Optimise your ad campaigns for maximum reach 

That data-driven insight we were talking about earlier? Now’s the time to put it to good use. Once you’ve identified the right channel mix - and there’s more on that here as regards sportsbooks - then it’s time to talk tactics. Retargeting is a no-brainer to keep those casual users coming back for more, and location-based targeting will also come into its own here as a way to tap in to specific geographic regions (and their supporters) 

5. Content marketing and branding

In a crowded market, it’s your brand that will set you apart. Creating regular high-quality, engaging content and then using social media and paid advertising to distribute it effectively is a minimum requirement. In order to really set your brand apart, look at your key points of difference - for example, can you guarantee that your platforms are fraud-free? (if you can’t, we can help with that).

So there it is, your complete guide to increasing customer acquisition, for the lowest possible cost, during one of the biggest events in 2024’s sporting calendar and making sure that your newly acquired audience keeps coming back. 

Remember: whichever team you’re backing, TrafficGuard is on your side with market-leading click fraud protection. Learn more about our offer here.  

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