5 Strategies to Bag Users For the Super Bowl

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Ah, Las Vegas - the world's entertainment capital, where the only thing more dazzling than the lights is the excitement surrounding this year's Super Bowl LVIII, which will make its way to Allegiant Stadium on Sunday, February 11th.

In the highly competitive world of iGambling and sports betting, the Super Bowl is the ultimate slot machine jackpot (last year set records for sportsbooks), and betting firms need to be armed and ready with their quarters to make a play for the most coveted prize – new customers.

From personalisation to leveraging the buzz of Sin City, we're unpacking some of the best tactics you can leverage to transform Super Bowl fever into a frenzy of new sign-ups. So, grab your foam fingers and betting slips as we take a tour through the high-rolling, high-rewarding world of Super Bowl marketing.

Five digital marketing strategies to bag users this Super Bowl Sunday

1. Leverage the excitement

While only a few sports fans will be lucky enough to watch the Super Bowl in person, millions will still enjoy the excitement from their homes.

Sports betting companies have their own role in building the buzz, and the event's location in one of the world's top gambling cities presents an even bigger opportunity to cash in on the action. You could also consider hosting virtual events or live streams that bring the Las Vegas experience to your audience, such as expert panels discussing betting strategies for the Super Bowl. Creating Las Vegas-themed promotions, such as giveaways and jackpot-style rewards, and capitalising on online conversations are another way to do this.  

Automated creative tools like Genius Creative can be especially useful. By leveraging hyper-localisation, live data, and precision marketing, sportsbooks can produce optimised ads at scale and in real-time with countdowns, live score alerts and betting odds that create a sense of urgency and stand out from the noise. As Manny Puentes, the general manager of advertising there said to Digiday recently: “Brands that integrate automated creative, activate across all screens, invest in gamification and expand their reach across generations and countries are most likely to succeed in connecting with sports fans in 2024 and beyond.”

2. Ramp up your real-time marketing

Let’s talk about the Super Bowl and social media - it's like peanut butter and jelly, but for the internet.

The Super Bowl is the perfect time to ramp up your social media output to increase engagement, because let's face it, half the fans are only there for the memes and the halftime show.

In all seriousness, being a major sports event, the Super Bowl causes spikes in various search terms and interests. For example, during the week of the game, there’s a notable increase in search interest for the halftime performers and the most viral ads of that year.

According to research from Lever, there are five main reasons viewers tune into the Super Bowl: the game, sports betting, the Super Bowl halftime show, Super Bowl commercials, the party – i.e., food and friends. These spikes in interest offer a prime opportunity for real-time marketing, and by understanding and anticipating these trends, sports betting companies can quickly adapt their content and offers to capitalise on the heightened public attention.

3. Take advantage of multichannel marketing

49% of viewers use multiple screens when watching the football. This means they're giving you not just one, but multiple windows (literally) to jump through with your Super Bowl marketing magic.

According to research from Receptional, TV, Google, Facebook and YouTube are among the top channels that bettors turn to for keeping up-to-date with sports. However, it also found that YouTube and paid social are the most underused platforms in sports betting marketing, so there may be untapped potential here. 

Given the natural fit between Google Search, YouTube and sports content, it’s an obvious choice of platform for targeting ads based on specific search queries or site interest (including competitors). 

For paid social advertising, younger, higher-spending punters are using Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Spotify and Reddit, yet none of this is reflected in advertisers’ platform choices, representing an opportunity for many to increase their reach.

4. Unlock the potential of cross-selling

Lots of online gaming brands offer multiple products to their players. For example, someone placing a sports bet on the Super Bowl might also be able to play a variety of casino games on the same platform. This is where cross-selling has a lot of potential, which can lead to higher future value and retention rates among players. For example, Optimove found that players engaged in both sports betting and casino games (referred to as "multi-players") have a 50% higher future value than those who only participate in sports betting. Additionally, these multi-players demonstrate higher retention rates.

There are three main levels of cross-selling strategies you can utilise to increase revenue:

  • Basic Cross-Sell: This involves sending casino offers to sports betters and vice versa, encouraging them to try different games and stick with the brand.
  • Intermediate Cross-Sell: This strategy uses customer data to create personalised offers, targeting specific player segments based on their preferences and past activities.
  • Advanced Cross-Sell: This involves using an automatic recommendation model that uses data that’s updated daily to send personalised game recommendations based on players' recent behaviour.

With the right approach, you can dramatically increase player value, improve retention rates, and deliver a better gaming experience for customers.

5. Personalise every bettor interaction

Digital marketing changed forever with the arrival of personalisation. From Netflix's eerily accurate "Because you watched 'The Blind Side'" to Spotify's playlists that somehow know you needed a 90s throwback jam session, personalisation is everywhere. Internet users have come to expect it from all companies, regardless of industry or size. They want to see content tailored specifically to them. If they don't get it, they'll wander off faster than a football fan hearing 'nachos in the next aisle!'

While personalisation in iGambling has been used far less than in other industries, there's an opportunity here to revolutionise the user experience. Creating a customised interface is one of the first steps you can take. Let users choose their favourite sports or teams and display relevant content and events in return. A personalised feed that showcases news, analysis and other information based on their interests will enhance the experience even more. 

This should be standard to all apps, but a notification system that keeps users updated on their chosen sports is another great addition. By employing these tactics, you can deliver content, products and offers that resonate with each individual, leading to greater user satisfaction and loyalty.

Fortify your defence against fraud with TrafficGuard

We understand the high volumes of traffic and extreme competitiveness in the gambling industry mean every click counts, especially during major sporting events like the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, invalid traffic poses a real problem. 

The challenge of invalid traffic in sportsbooks is often unaddressed or can feel overwhelming for many in the industry. TrafficGuard steps in as a solution with its proactive, comprehensive strategy. We focus on the main issue facing sports betting companies; returning users who drain your ad budget during peak events, like the Super Bowl. We stop these users from repeatedly clicking on your branded keywords to access your site, stopping them wasting spend on clicks that drive zero conversions. This approach is proven to enhance the performance of PPC campaigns for gambling companies and facilitate expansion into new markets.

We're only at the beginning of 2024, which means there are plenty of important upcoming sporting events to come. Businesses must implement effective measures against fraud to capitalise on profit-making opportunities. TrafficGuard's real-time traffic verification allows bookmakers to trust the accuracy of their data, scaling their operations and driving conversions through informed, reliable investments.

TrafficGuard reinstates confidence for sportsbooks, enabling them to allocate resources to the most productive channels, boost customer acquisition, and optimise return on investment. Our end-to-end, transparent strategy in combating mobile ad fraud gives operators the power to maximise global scaling opportunities. Get ahead of the 2024 betting rush and start your TrafficGuard journey today.

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