Five Tips for Staying Ahead of the Game in Sports Betting

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In times of global economic turbulence, you’d think the sports betting sector might be struggling. You’d be wrong.

In fact the opposite is true: by 2028, the global market value is expected to be $114.4bn, and that’s up from $61.5bn in 2021. Not the numbers of a sector in decline. 

With this increased growth comes increased scrutiny. In the UK, the Government is in the process of a major reform of gambling laws to bring them up-to-date for the digital age, which will undoubtedly have a major impact on operators in the sector. 

All this is to say: we’re in a time of huge change for the industry, and the opportunities are there for the taking.

With that in mind, we’ve consulted the tip sheet and marked up five areas of growth that it’d pay for you to watch: 

1. Crypto is go 

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a game changer for sports betting; transactions are faster, more secure, and more private. Those using cryptocurrencies to place bets can do so from anywhere in the world, and the blockchain technology eliminates the risk of fraud and identity theft. 

2. High profile women’s sports

The increased profile of prestigious global events such as the World Cup and the subsequent boom in sports media coverage have all contributed to huge growth in mainstream popularity for women’s sport.

The benefit of this for the sports betting industry is clear. It attracts a new and unique audience; one that is younger, more diverse, and more digitally engaged than has traditionally been the case with men’s sport. 

3. Make the most of your affiliate networks

Affiliate marketing is a crucial part of the sports betting ecosystem as a reliable way to target the high intent market in particular. Access to a clearly targeted and well-informed audience in international markets, with minimal risk to your budget because you only pay for what performs? Yes please. Just make sure you’re making every click count by protecting your affiliate networks and campaigns from ad fraud. 

4. The only way is app

The industry’s continued growth relies on its ability to leverage digital technologies such as mobile apps and AI. In a competitive marketplace where consumers use increasingly sophisticated mobile apps to engage with their favourite sports and events in real-time, how can you set yourself apart? 

Think along the lines of expert tips and predictions, as well as data and insights from your app offering, so even those without an in-depth knowledge of a sport can make informed decisions.

A note of caution though: our data shows that between 15% and 35% of sports betting app installations globally are fraudulent, so tackling that would be a good start (and yes, we can help you) 

5. Optimise your ad spend 

A staggering 34% of ad traffic for gambling campaigns is found to be invalid. Which means that the odds are stacked against you before you’ve even started.

TrafficGuard Protect Pro PPC will help make every click count and ensure your budget isn’t being wasted on clicks that won’t ever lead to conversions, by preventing invalid ad traffic in real-time. Still need convincing? Here’s why the world’s leading sports betting companies place their bet on TrafficGuard to protect themselves from invalid traffic. 

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