Why TrafficGuard is the ad fraud protection platform for sports betting

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In the fast-paced, highly-competitive world of iGambling and sports betting, bookies must ensure their advertising campaigns are laser-focused on driving acquisition and making every click count. Ad fraud and invalid traffic (IVT) are huge inhibitors to success, draining budgets and messing with metrics until your campaigns grind to a halt. Driving the success of your sports betting business starts with blocking these foes from all your digital advertising. 

But this ain’t a job for any old ad fraud protection provider. For high stakes and ballooning budgets, you need to bring in the big boys. Here’s why TrafficGuard is the only choice for sports betting businesses…

1. TrafficGuard is the provider of choice to the world’s largest sports betting companies

Heard of William Hill? Ladbrokes? Tab Corp? Entain? Chances are your competitors are using TrafficGuard. We are the go-to ad fraud protection platform for the biggest names in the betting biz, with many market-leading companies choosing our superior offering over our competitors’ off-the-rack solutions. 

We recently found 43% of William Hill’s PPC traffic came from sources of invalid traffic. 

That’s 43% of their ad spend straight down the toilet.

43% of their total possible reach immediately hampered. 

Not good. 

After just days with TrafficGuard, William Hill were enjoying a 4.5X ROI of the whole solution, an 80% reduction in IVT, and an IVT cost rate reduction of 94%.

Why wouldn’t you use TrafficGuard? 

2. TrafficGuard drives down customer acquisition costs

The average cost of acquiring a single sports betting player is around $300. When you’re aiming to drive thousands of new users to your app or betting site, that number adds up fast. High CACs are a scourge on ambitious sports betting marketers who have big ideas, but quickly run out of budget to execute them. To add more flame to the fire, repeat clickers and returning clients (who navigate to your site using ads, rather than organic search results) are often unknowingly driving up the cost of genuine new clicks from first time depositors, wasting spend on engagement that will never convert.

TrafficGuard reduces CAC by using custom verification rules and shadow campaigns to cap the number of times a user can repeatedly click on an ad; saving your budget for genuine users that are more likely to convert and maximising ROI. No other ad fraud prevention provider on the market uses shadow campaigns to drive down CAC. It’s rather good.

3. TrafficGuard runs on the most intelligent ad fraud protection algorithm

With their high advertising budgets, pay-per-action models, and requirement for good brand credibility, sports betting agencies in particular must protect themselves from intelligent bad actors. Only ad fraud protection vendors with a company-wide commitment to the effective use of AI/ML processes can tackle the issue with the necessary force. Only vendors like TrafficGuard.

Our competitors rely solely on tools like rules engines and IP blacklists to detect it; there are two major problems with this approach: 

  1. These tools only look for known indicators of ad fraud, so are not suitable for detecting new fraud tactics as they evolve. 
  2. They risk flagging valid impressions, clicks, or install events as fraudulent. These false positives can result in valid traffic being removed, legitimate sources not receiving due payment, and advertising campaigns’ effectiveness being compromised.

TrafficGuard’s AI/ML models analyse combinations of indicators over time and across devices to detect fraud as it evolves as well as mitigate false positives. We provide far greater protection against both known and unknown forms of ad fraud, making us the perfect partner for sports betting and online gambling companies who want to get serious about their advertising performance. 

4. TrafficGuard’s technology leads the pack

Competitors wish they had even half of the technical capabilities of our platform. From custom validation to Shadow Campaigns, TrafficGuard’s features exist to drive the performance of sports betting advertising efforts. 

  • Custom validation. With TrafficGuard's powerful Validation Rules you are able to set the number of times a user clicks on a paid ads campaign. Once this threshold is reached TrafficGuard will stop these users from seeing that campaign for a set period of time.
  • Shadow campaigns. Ideal for industries where acquisition costs are sky high, TrafficGuard's Shadow Campaigns help advertisers bring down their CPAs by segmenting users who engage with PPC ads frequently and decreasing bids for them.

No other platform provides such thorough fraud protection capabilities. TrafficGuard is your always on, highly reliable ad fraud fighting sidekick.

5. TrafficGuard is the most transparent ad fraud solution on the market

We understand the high volumes of traffic and extreme competitiveness in the gambling industry means every click counts. Sports betting companies must micro-manage all their engagement to ensure they’re making optimisations that drive them towards their goals, so require as much information about their traffic as possible. That’s why we built our whole solution around data transparency and insightful reporting. 

What’s the point in a platform that’s built to increase visibility across your marketing efforts, but fails to show you the whole picture? Not a lot really.

Here are the main ways our industry-leading technology is built to deliver unprecedented insights into every click you receive:

Data from every single click. Zoom in to your ad traffic on a microscopic level and learn the IP, location, verification, and GCLID of every click. Google Ads pools clicks together into groups and doesn’t allow for granular analysis, just saying 👀

No grey areas when it comes to your money. With TrafficGuard, your clicks are either valid or they aren’t. Some providers pose more questions than answers and attempt to use ‘suspicion’ levels when they aren’t confident in their platform’s capabilities. We know our algorithm is the best on the market so there’s no need for us to hedge our bets. 

Get face-to-face with fraudsters. TrafficGuard provides the exact reason and threat for every single click we invalidate, be it bots, malware, or inefficient user behaviour. You’ll never be left wondering. 

6. TrafficGuard has run out of space in the awards cabinet

You may call it a vanity metric, but we call it international recognition for our kick-🍑 software. Our solution has been recognised by the largest publications across the globe for a variety of categories, spanning channel, industry, and capability. So far in 2023, we’ve already bagged…

🏆 Best Performance Marketing Technology | Performance Marketing Awards

🏆 The Innovation Award | iGB Affiliate Awards 

🏆 Best Search Software | APAC Search Awards

🏆 Winter 2023 Category Leader | SourceForge 

Want to learn more? Get connected with our Global VP of sports Betting and Online Gaming and discover potential savings with TrafficGuard's click fraud protection👇

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