Why Digital Marketing Agencies Need Ad-Fraud Protection

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The digital marketing agency space is a crowded one, and it’s not getting any quieter. With digital marketing spend increasing by an average 10% year-on-year, agencies must continually improve their business offering to keep up with the competition and set themselves apart.

“I’m an agency who wants to delight their clients!”

One way to improve your PPC advertising offering is to provide a layered on ad-fraud prevention solution, like TrafficGuard. We’ve spoken recently about how companies of any size can, and should, take steps to protect their PPC budgets to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Cost savings by reducing clicks which are invalid or unlikely to convert
  • Enhanced campaign transparency by ensuring only verified traffic gets through
  • Quality control on a huge scale, only possible through automation

But for agencies in particular, the benefits are huge in terms of differentiation, client satisfaction and campaign efficacy. Let’s take a look at some of the results agencies can experience from protecting their ad budgets with TrafficGuard.

Impress your clients with superior advertising performance.

Unsure of how to better optimize long-running client campaigns?

Better insight = better optimisation, it’s as simple as that. As TrafficGuard filters out invalid clicks before they get to their advertising destination, you can keep your clients’ performance data clean and optimize campaigns with ease. A recent campaign we undertook with a mobile marketing company resulted in a 20% increase in ROI for their end customers.

Ad-fraud protection is an invaluable addition to agencies’ service offering, boosting their PPC value proposition and giving them the tools they need to continually improve the clients’ campaigns.

Grow your reach safely.

Cautious of handling large client budgets?

With complete trust and confidence in the marketing data you use, you can handle large client budgets with ease and to maximum effect. Having trust in their agency is of huge importance to enterprises, and if they feel their agency is not completely committed to protecting their business, they’ll take it elsewhere.

With TrafficGuard on your side, agencies can prove to their clients that they are completely committed to growing their reach safely, and delivering leads which are genuine, qualified, and ready-to-buy.

“Fraudsters are smart and they are constantly coming up with new schemes attempting to steal money from advertisers. With TrafficGuard as our partner, we are better able to stay ahead of the fraudsters and exceed our clients’ goals.”Rod Crumpler, CEO, Altrooz

Remove administrative burden.

Spending all your time manually reconciling campaigns?

Client media spend is usually distributed across a number of channels, each with its own tools for measurement and sometimes fraud prevention. TrafficGuard gives you a unified view of performance and quality across your client's entire advertising operation. Using TrafficGuard, you can ensure that every internal and external team has the intelligence they need to optimise effectively.

Campaign reporting is a breeze with TrafficGuard’s thorough, easily navigable insight platform—no more last minute stress when it’s time to pull reports together!

Use TrafficGuard to make your clients’ campaigns better, safer, and easier.

You can read more about how TrafficGuard helps agencies impress their clients here, or reach out to our team for more information.

Get started - it's free

You can set up a TrafficGuard account in minutes, so we’ll be protecting your campaigns before you can say ‘sky-high ROI’.

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