AdTech Experts Reveal Top Seasonal Marketing Trends and Strategies for APAC

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Learn the best marketing strategies from industry experts on selling brands in APAC and making a good customer impact during momentous holidays.

Brand marketers in the Asia Pacific (APAC) face tough competition during momentous holidays like the Lunar New Year. They launch different sales-driven marketing strategies, such as paid ads and promotions, to stand out. But what are the most effective seasonal marketing strategies that APAC marketers must deploy to achieve their sales goals?

MartechAsia has gathered exclusive commentaries from adtech experts, providing their expert insights on the latest seasonal marketing trends and strategies to guide APAC marketers.

Retention Marketing For Customer Growth

Patricia Freijo, the Vice President for Customer Growth of Traffic Guard, highlighted the importance of retention marketing in customer growth. She explained, “In a globally unstable environment with looming recession concerns, where marketing spends are depleting, retention marketing is often underestimated as one of the key customer growth strategies.”

Retention marketing or loyalty marketing aims to keep customers happy and spending, which has become popular in the e-commerce world. Maintaining good customer relationships through retention marketing tactics can boost sales during momentous holidays because loyal customers become your brand ambassadors.

“Especially in prominent festivals such as CNY, rising above the noise is not the only target brands need to chase, but also to create sustained value for the current customers who have been part of the brand journey. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, taking a nuanced strategy that identifies prospective and current customers with a high propensity to buy is key. With that clarity in place, marketers are in a position to consider whether they have the right blend of performance and awareness in their plans, and whether they are validating every advertising engagement.”, she added.

Freijo also recommended focusing on the ‘do more, do strategic, do correct’ approach, achievable after verifying and attributing all digital traffic. Because marketing spending increases considerably during the festive seasons to keep up with the competition, bad actors take advantage and attack. She said marketers must proactively block invalid traffic from bots, low quality or competitor clicks, redirecting threatened ad spend to better-performing traffic.

Tech solutions are now available to help brands verify performance advertising and prevent fraud. A triple-layered ad fraud detection and protection software can help protect ad spend and optimise performance marketing campaigns during festive periods like the Lunar New Year.

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