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Ad fraud prevention

Say goodbye
to ad fraud.


Ad fraud prevention for brands, apps, agencies and ad networks. With three formidable layers of defence, TrafficGuard protects your ad spend from fraud and invalid traffic.


Ad Fraud Detection and Prevention

What is invalid traffic?

Invalid traffic is any advertising engagement that isn’t out of genuine interest in the advertised offering. Invalid traffic can be malicious (that’s ad fraud), non-malicious or accidental. All invalid traffic takes ad spend and provides zero return on investment.

Trust TrafficGuard to stop invalid traffic in real time across the whole advertising journey. With our surgical fraud prevention, your performance data stays clean for fast optimisation and confident scaling, driving your advertising ROI.



Protect spend with automated fraud prevention

With clean performance data, you can make fast optimisation decisions and scale activity to improve your return on ad spend and drive success.

Make sure your advertising results in genuine engagement

Know which channels, campaigns, creatives, etc are really performing. Get a complete view of performance, without the skewing influence of invalid traffic.

Save time
and drive advertising ROI

With clean performance data, you can make fast optimisation decisions and scale activity to improve your return on ad spend and drive success.

Full funnel potential.


Pre-bid exclusions

Trust TrafficGuard to stop your campaigns bidding on placements that are non-viewable or invalid. TrafficGuard’s pre-bid optimisation relies on intelligence gathered from the whole advertising journey to prioritise audiences with the highest likelihood to convert.

In stream prevention

Once your ad is clicked, TrafficGuard corroborates signal with its related impression and enriches that data with intelligence from its proprietary Reputation IQ database to provide real-time validation. Invalid impressions and clicks are never passed to attribution solutions, reducing the chance for misattribution.

Attribution verification

Misattribution has a snowball effect on your performance. A single conversion attributed to the wrong source will inflate the value of that source not just by one conversion, but all the subsequent events of that converted user. This leads marketers to underinvest in the channels that deliver the best results, restricting their advertising ROI. Measurement and attribution solutions have varying capabilities to prevent misattribution. Often, verification takes place after the attribution has been made, which sends misleading signals to traffic sources and media managers.

As well as limiting the opportunity for misattribution with in-stream prevention, TrafficGuard verifies attribution in real-time before sources are notified. This means that when a traffic source is optimising, they aren’t misdirected by misattribution and you can see where genuine opportunities are to drive your advertising performance.



Traffic control

No one knows your business like you. While we take care of the invalid traffic, you can set custom rules to filter traffic that doesn’t meet your quality standards or insertion order specifications. Use Traffic Control to set custom validation rules for total control of your traffic.

Exclude traffic from

  • Certain site categories including Crypto, Porn, Torrent sites
  • Users of LAT, TOR, VPNs, specific IP addresses or Device IDs, specific countries, specific devices or platforms
  • Customise rules for measures including click to install rates, conversion rates, invalid-traffic rates

One fraud prevention solution for all your digital advertising channels

TrafficGuard’s flexible integration options mean that it can be a solution for

  • Any business - brands, apps, agencies, ad networks
  • Any channel - performance, programmatic, self-attributing networks
  • Any campaign type - CPM, PPC, CPI, CPE, CPA


  • Understand real performance with reporting showing your campaigns, ad groups, creatives, keywords and other dimensions with invalid traffic removed.
  • Get total transparency with clear and indisputable reasons for each invalidated transaction aligned with MRC standards.
  • Share dedicated reporting with your traffic sources, clients and agencies so that all advertising stakeholders have the data they need to drive advertising performance, when they need it.

Data quality

Missing or incorrectly populated tracking parameters means that some traffic is never eligible for attribution by your tracking or measurement platforms. Get a view of data quality issues to correct these problems and get your campaigns tracking accurately.

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