Digiday Reveals this Year’s Digiday Technology Awards Finalists

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Micro-personalization with AI, e-commerce technology, privacy compliance and partnerships proved the driving factors for success in this year’s Digiday Technology Awards shortlist.

As the judges’ choices illustrate, the submissions that came in a cut above demonstrated brands’ passion for balancing data privacy and highly effective personalization — adopting technologies and integrating with partners to achieve both.

The most-entered category this year was Best AI Tool.

Typeface, a major standout in the category, is a generative AI application helping businesses create personalized content quickly and effectively. Typeface combines AI’s speed with meaningful brand personalization and control, meaning companies can generate personalized content at scale but not sacrifice privacy assurances.

Reveal Mobile boasted the greatest number of finalist nominations — four in total. As a provider of location intelligence, geofencing and campaign attribution solutions, it partnered with Offbeat to run a paid social campaign on TikTok that drove location visits for one of the agency’s national restaurant clients. With Reveal Mobile’s geotargeting platform and foot-traffic attribution reporting, the TikTok campaign provided a 30X ROI, helping to prove the value of these tactics in the brand’s media mix.

Calendly received a nomination for Best Sales Automation Tools and Platform for its launch of Calendly Routing, which helps pressured, time-strapped sales and marketing teams to qualify, route and book meetings quickly, speeding up the sales cycle, increasing conversion rates and providing a better customer experience. Users of Calendly Routing have created an automated, effective inbound sales process that yields conversion and drives alignment with marketing teams. Some have reported gaining 10–12 hours back each month that was previously spent manually managing the scheduling process.

Minute Media’s Asaf Peled secured a finalist spot for Founder of the Year. As a leading technology and digital content company, Minute Media provides its clients with the tools to succeed in an ever-changing digital environment by leveraging its experience as a publisher. Asaf has led the company to tremendous success, including launching its own SSP, leading to an integrated partnership with Amazon Publisher Services’ TAM. Asaf also guided Minute Media into commercial partnerships, including collaborations with WhatsApp, Pennington, Pepsi, Kay Jewelers, Kia, Expedia, DoorDash and more.

For Best Buy-Side Programmatic Platform, Yahoo, in partnership with Marriott, snagged a finalist spot for the “Where Can We Take You” campaign. Marriott leaned further into its existing partnership with Yahoo to increase brand awareness, attract new customers and drive bookings with increased campaign efficiency and return on investment. By leveraging a wide range of Yahoo services — from an interactive mobile trip planning tool and shoppable video to impactful DOOH in luxury fitness and gold environments — the campaign resulted in 2x consumer engagement and a 50% increase in return on ad investment.

All in all, what the judges selected in 2023 shows that tech companies are empowering advertisers and publishers to offer more targeted, personalized campaigns, resulting in better returns and elevated customer experiences.

See the complete list of finalists 👉 here.

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