Four global adtech executives weigh in on how AI will transform the digital marketing landscape in 2024

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With Artificial Intelligence’s explosive growth in 2023, creative industries are racing to discover the best ways to leverage the technology in their respective fields. This effect is most pronounced in advertising and marketing, where AI is seen as a powerful tool for efficiently and effectively crafting data-based communications.

How will all this impact digital marketers in the year ahead? Four executives in leading adtech companies shared their thoughts with adobo Magazine.

Elie Shuggi, Chief Product Officer at TrafficGuard

Elie of cloud-based digital ad fraud protection solution TrafficGuard believes that the conversation on security needs to expand to the possibility of bad actors using AI to commit wide-scale fraud.

“As AI becomes more capable and more accessible, the sophistication of bots imitating human behavior will make accurately identifying ad-fraud very difficult without some form of fraud prevention product. Even the most vigilant marketers will struggle attempting to police their traffic manually,” he predicted.

“Ad fraud continues to become more complex and marketers will need to put equally stringent guardrails up to protect not only their ad budgets but also their data and ultimately, their ability to make strategic decisions with confidence.“

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