#HP30Pioneers: Meet The Performance Media Industry’s Top Pioneers

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Hello Partner is proud to announce this year’s Global Top 30 Performance Media Pioneers.

Following the launch of the #HP30US, #HP30Women, and #HP30Under30 lists this year, we’re excited to share our final Top 30 list to end 2023 on a high and extend our esteemed portfolio of Top Lists with the Global Top 30 Performance Media Pioneers!

The #HP30Pioneers list honours the heroes of traditional performance media, casting a light on the pioneers who have hugely impacted the industry. Amidst all of the partnership industry’s success and ever-changing landscape, we’re showcasing the amazing individuals transforming the performance media world right now.

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate a peer or colleague who you feel deserves recognition as a Top 30 Pioneer in the industry and of course, congratulations to those who secured a spot. As the landscape continues to evolve and thrive, this list represents those who have innovated, founded, or shown exemplary leadership or teamwork that has driven industry growth and progress.

If you, a peer, or a colleague is featured on the list, we encourage you to share your congratulations on socials using the hashtag #HP30Pioneers.

As we continue our mission to recognise talent across the globe, spanning the entire partnership marketing sphere, we will be releasing a series of accolade lists throughout the rest of next year to acknowledge the best of the best in the industry in 2024 and beyond.

Mathew Ratty | TrafficGuard's Co-Founder and CEO

Mathew Ratty has been a key figure in the evolution of performance marketing technology. Under his leadership, TrafficGuard has become a trailblazer in digital ad fraud prevention. The platform's three-layer protection system detects and eliminates both general and sophisticated invalid traffic, ensuring advertisers' budgets are safeguarded from fraud. Ratty's innovative approach is reflected in TrafficGuard's real-time fraud prevention, enabling businesses to access new traffic sources safely, increase reach, and maximise return on ad spend.

This recognition arrives on the heels of TrafficGuard's victory at the Performance Marketing Awards 2023, where the platform clinched the title of Best Performance Marketing Technology. Ratty's team impressed with a solution that actively combats PPC ad fraud, earning praise from industry giants like Disney streaming services. With endorsements from Google and a client roster featuring global leaders, Mathew Ratty's strategic vision has not only protected ad spend for top businesses but also elevated the entire performance channel.

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