Improving gender diversity in AI: Addressing bias in the industry

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LinkedIn data has revealed that women are underrepresented in AI roles across the APAC region, comprising only 36% in Singapore, 31% in Australia, and 29% in India. Experts have expressed concerns that the rapidly developing technology could potentially possess bias against women if the disparity is not addressed.

Addo AI CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Ayesha Khanna, says, “The underrepresentation of women in the AI industry has substantial negative consequences for the economy and society. In a highly competitive global economy, countries that exclude women from AI miss out on a significant portion of the national talent pool and immediately put themselves at an economic disadvantage compared to their counterparts.”

To tackle this, Patricia Fernández Freijo, VP-Customer Growth at TrafficGuard, emphasises the importance of promoting gender diversity in the AI sector. She believes that doing so "unlocks a wealth of perspectives, insights, and talents that are instrumental in driving innovation and achieving remarkable outcomes."

Freijo also points out that while there may be more men skilled in areas like pattern recognition, machine learning, and neural networks, it's equally exciting to note that women are expected to outnumber men in skills such as text analytics, text mining, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Recognising these differences, it becomes essential to allocate resources and prioritise training to address specific skill gaps within the AI space.

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