TrafficGuard’s Himanshu Nagrecha on Why is it Important to Combat Ad Frauds?

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There are times, when you are left wondering the reason behind a popularity of a campaign. And it has nothing to do with storyline or a popular celebrity but perhaps everything to do with ‘click injection’ a rather popular ad-fraud mechanism. Advertising fraud worldwide have grown exponentially within four years between 2018- 2023 to $100 billion from $35 billion, reveals data from market research firm Statista. It is here that companies like TrafficGuard come to the rescue of brands and platforms.

The company claims to have recorded annualised revenue of $3.55 million (circa) underpinned by new customer contracts and upsell to existing clients. It further posted a 41% growth in annualised revenue from July 01, 2022 and 23% from January 01, 2023. It further claims to have signed new clients PPC and mobile - including MyDeal and Skill. In an interaction with BrandWagon Online, Himanshu Nagrecha, vice president, India and South Asia, TrafficGuard talked about the increase in ad fraud and the for detection to minimise loss of money.

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