Adveritas Storms Into 2022 with Giant Client Wins and Annualised Revenues Nearing $2 Million

January 10, 2022
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More revenue, more big-name clients: AV1 announces arrival to global ad industry.

Aussie Ad-fraud bodyguard Adveritas (ASX:AV1) has already kicked off 2022 with a huge win confirming a number of major new client additions, confirming the company’s world-class prevention software in a fast-moving environment.

The latest wins have added ballast to a material uplift in annualised revenues which have now reached $1.85m – an 80% increase since June last year.

Among AV1’s new client wins – it’s a big hello to William Hill, one of the biggest names in global betting, an agency which incorporates one of the world’s largest online bookmakers.,

Also in for the long-haul, one of the fastest growing telecom operators in the Asia-Pacific, Singapore-based communications company MyRepublic.

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