Mastering magic in the enchanted world of adtech

August 2, 2019
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These comments originally appeared in Mastering magic in the enchanted world of adtech by AdNews. Comments from TrafficGuard’s founder and Chief Operating officer exploring ad fraud and the world of ad tech in Australia.

In a recent forecast by Juniper Networks, ad fraud is expected to cost the industry up to US$42 million in 2019. APAC alone lost US$18 million last year.

“New fraud tactics are on the rise, and as the tricks and schemes of the past 20 years become less successful for fraudsters, we are seeing perpetrators adapt and evolve,” Taylor says.

“Additionally, as more users consume media through mobile apps and OTT channels, fraudsters are finding new vulnerabilities to exploit in emerging digital channels.”

All roads in the quest for ad tech draw back to the same conclusion – the future lies in true connection and value. As it continues to mature, ad tech will continue to be the driving force in the new wave of advertising but as Taylor notes – it must be armed and ready to fight fraudsters.

“There is little doubt that digital advertising will, across the world, supplant traditional advertising over the next few years. However, the sustained growth of the digital advertising ecosystem will, as an unintended consequence, continue to fuel the rise of ad fraud.”

Read more at AdNews.


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