Podcast | Mind Your Business: Travel Thursday - The latest happenings in the digital travel advertising sphere amidst travel surge in SEA

June 23, 2022
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Post-pandemic, we're seeing travel junkies coming out of hibernation in droves.

The travel sector, sensing a goldmine of an opportunity, is hustling to cash in on this surge, particularly in Southeast Asia. The tool of choice? Online travel marketing. But wait, there's a villain in this story - ad fraud, which is relentlessly gnawing at their growth efforts.

Enter our hero, Matt Sutton, the Global Chief Revenue Officer at TrafficGuard, who steps up to the plate to address this pressing issue. In our latest 'Mind Your Business: Travel Thursday' podcast, he unpacks how tech and AI can step in to save the day. Tune in for an enlightening journey into the pulse of digital travel advertising.


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