Tackling the Scourge of Advertising Fraud

December 13, 2022
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While cybersecurity and fraud are making the headlines, advertising fraud continues to be overlooked and undervalued as a genuine issue impacting organizations. Often dismissed as a dilemma for the marketing team to solve alone, the losses and impact on organizations are too consequential not to be an integral part of your cybersecurity strategy. The 2021 cost of digital ad fraud worldwide was $65bn, according to Statista, double the value of fraudulent transactions made by payment cards worldwide. Many businesses are at a critical time economically, and when tightening their bottom line, any loss is too great.

The reason so few organizations have measures in place to defend themselves is that across many industries, there is so little acknowledgement of the issue, creating a lack of understanding, awareness and visibility. And without these things, it’s difficult for organizations to take the proper steps to defend themselves, and this creates an advantage for fraudsters that can operate easily under organizations’ radars.

With the problem ranging from social media to mobile, there is much for organizations to digest, but those who do understand and address it can create a competitive edge.

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