Using Traffic Hygiene in Your Organization: A Definitive Guide

April 24, 2023
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With digital marketing obtaining center stage, the concept of marketing has undergone a drastic change. While traditional marketing restricted the growth capacity of businesses, digital marketing has offered them the opportunity to reach audiences more effectively with the motive to expand the brand and increase revenue. In fact, a survey by Redseer Strategy Consultants estimates that India’s spending on digital advertising will likely exceed $21 billion by 2028. This data highlights the fact digital marketing will transform into the most preferred marketing strategy for businesses in the coming future.

Given how digital marketing is gaining traction as people grow more tech-sophisticated, generating high-quality traffic has become a top goal for organizations. Even while an increase in traffic is positive, it does not mean your conversion rate is at a suitable level. Sometimes people will simply view your website without taking any further action. To assist your brand reach the right target demographic and receive great traffic in return, it is essential to have an efficient marketing strategy.

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