Verify, Quantify, And Protect Advertising Budgets: Adding Anti-Fraud Strategies To Your Marketing Mix

January 6, 2021
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Fraud is a constantly moving target. In advertising, ignorance on a grand scale has historically allowed fraudsters to make a lot of money for a very long time and gain a substantial head start on anti-fraud providers. This is because sophisticated ad fraud doesn’t look like bots. On the surface, it looks like human engagement. Fraudsters adapt their processes to circumvent rules-based fraud detection and their profitability is driven up by their ability to evolve.

Businesses are now wising up to the fact that ad fraud must be combated with tools that go beyond detection. Juniper Research estimates that an advertiser with no detection or protection in place running a $10 million advertising campaign will, on average, waste $2.6 million of this spend on fraudulent activities.

Anti-fraud solutions have emerged as a critical component of digital campaigns to ensure campaigns deliver maximum return on investment (ROI), especially at a time when the nature of ad fraud is maturing so rapidly.

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