CS Insights: How to add Brand Exclusions (Performance Max)

Join Aaron, our PPC specialist, as he shows how to optimise your Google Ads campaigns. Aaron's expertise lies in guiding users through the complexities of click reports, empowering you to access comprehensive data points for every click.

Learn how to maximise brand exclusion functions within the Google Ads platform, ensuring optimal campaign performance and ROI.

If you are interested in understanding more about this critical aspect of PPC management, head over to our article: Optimising Your Performance Max Campaigns for Success: A Comprehensive Guide and discover how these exclusions can fine-tune your PMAX campaigns, preventing your ads from appearing on irrelevant branded searches and safeguarding your budget from unnecessary expenditure.

In the accompanying article, TrafficGuards sheds light on the nuances of brand exclusion strategies, highlighting the pitfalls of relying solely on PMAX data inflated by branded search conversions. Gain valuable insights from industry experts, who caution against the risks of cannibalisation and inflated metrics within your PPC campaigns.

Watch the video below to understand more on click reports, accessing comprehensive data points for every click, and maximising brand exclusion functions in Google Ads platform for optimal campaign performance.


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