Employee Spotlight | Head of Research and Data Science: Raigon Jolly

Employee Spotlight: Raigon Jolly, Head of Research and Data Science

At TrafficGuard, we are proud of our talented team dedicated to combating ad fraud and ensuring a safe digital advertising environment. In this spotlight, meet Raigon Jolly, our Head of Research and Data Science. His passion for using advanced technology is key to protecting our clients from digital threats.

Raigon discusses the innovative strategies and tools we use to defend against sophisticated bot traffic and click hijacking. He talks about the challenges of balancing accuracy and efficiency in ad fraud detection, the importance of transparency, and how human expertise works alongside machine learning in our defense system.

Join us as Raigon explains the complexities of attribution in today's advertising world and our commitment to ongoing innovation. Learn how TrafficGuard is leading the way in creating a secure future for digital advertising.


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