Shakr x TrafficGuard | Beyond Clicks: How Invalid Traffic Distorts Your Performance Metrics

Join us for this eye-opening webinar as we uncover the hidden threat that silently sabotages your marketing efforts: Ad Fraud and invalid Traffic. Led by Patri Freijo, TrafficGuard's VP of Customer Growth in SEA & ANZ, this session will shed light on the critical importance of addressing ad fraud from the outset of your marketing campaigns.

Patri Freijo will cover what invalid traffic is and how it can manifest across different advertising channels. She will also unmask the detrimental effects ad fraud has on digital marketing campaigns, from distorting performance data, wasting valuable ad budgets, and hindering ROI.

While the impact is significant, Patri Freijo will also share steps that brands and media agencies can take to implement effective strategies to safeguard their data, optimise with confidence, and unlock their campaign's full potential.

TrafficGuard has been shielding over 5,000 brands and media agencies globally, such as Gojek, Lalamove, NTUC Income, and OMD, to help prevent and eliminate ad fraud and unlock maximum ROI potential.


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