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Why us?

Full funnel.
Full potential.

Unlock your full advertising potential with the world’s first full funnel advertising verification and fraud prevention.


TrafficGuard is a holistic solution to measurement, verification and ad fraud with the objective of strengthening the digital advertising ecosystem and making the business of fraud infeasible to perpetrators.

How are we doing this?


Strengthening measurement across the whole journey so that businesses don’t need to rely on separate solutions for different campaign types or channels.


Providing a solutions for different types of business in the supply chain - not just the end advertiser or the agency.


Stopping ad fraud quickly and reliably so that traffic sources aren’t misattributed, performance data stays clean and stakeholders can see which sources are delivering high-quality, verified traffic to scale with.

Best PPC Optimisation

Best PPC Optimisation
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Most Effective Anti-FraudSolution 2020

Best Anti-fraud Solution

Best Anti-fraud Solution 
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SourceForge Top Performer

SourceForge Top Performer

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Best Search Software

Trust &

Say goodbye to blackbox verification and superficial reporting.

Go deep

TrafficGuard gives you complete transparency into all measurement, verification and validation so that you can see at a granular level exactly where your quality traffic is coming from and the reasons for invalidation.

Go wide

Often it isn’t just one person or one team, or even one business that needs access to accurate, real time performance data. When you are working with agencies or ad networks you can share dedicated dashboards to allow them to have full visibility of the data they need to drive optimisation, when they need it.

Likewise, if you are an ad network or agency, you can share dedicated reporting with your clients so that have full transparency of the lengths you are going to protect their investment with you.

Your success
is our obsession

TrafficGuard’s friendly and knowledgeable customer success team are here to help you at every stage of your journey. Your dedicated customer success manager will guide you to get TrafficGuard up and running in your environment and help you use the platform and reporting to get the best advertising results.

Don’t take our word for it! Hear how businesses like yours have achieved better advertising results using TrafficGuard.

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