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Working together, we are stronger in the face of today’s challenges and in the constant battle against ad fraud.

Businesses of all sizes are hustling to ensure that they can survive and flourish despite the current economic instability caused by the spread of COVID-19.

In this time, when your digital advertising is more important than ever, we want to help you get the visibility you need to protect your business from ad fraud with Free PPC protection.

We see ad fraud draining almost 30% of every new client's advertising spend. The free version of our award-winning fraud protection will give you the transparency you need to ensure your advertising reaches real people, not bots and fraudsters.

In addition to our free offering, we are also launching pay-as-you-go pricing on our premium PPC fraud prevention, giving all clients more flexibility in these uncertain times.

Free is here to stay

At TrafficGuard we have been working hard, from home, to get our free solution ready for businesses now, when they need it most. As a demonstration of our commitment to building a stronger digital advertising ecosystem, we have decided our free solution is here to stay.

Our mission is to drive trust and transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem. A reflection of this mission is our effort to democratise transparency. With our free PPC protection, transparency isn’t just the purview of big brand advertisers and agencies – Businesses of all sizes can get the visibility they need to fight ad fraud.

We believe that if every business takes steps to protect their own ad spend from fraud, the cumulative effect is a strengthened industry and less funds flowing through to the perpetrators of ad fraud. Most fraud prevention tools are aimed at big advertisers. By offering a free version of TrafficGuard, small and medium businesses also have the tools they need to protect their own spend.

Pay as you go pricing on Protect Pro PPC

Protect Pro PPC is our fully automated fraud prevention for PPC advertising. As of today, Protect Pro PPC pricing will be changed to pay-as-you-go to give TrafficGuard clients more flexibility as they navigate today’s challenges.

We believe that businesses should be able to pay for just what they use, not minimum bundles. With PAYG pricing, businesses pay for just what they consume. No more. No less. You don’t need to worry about hitting pause on your account or trying to get a refund when you don’t actually use the service. PAYG pricing is flexible to make it easier for all businesses to protect their ad spend, not just the big guys.

Working together, we are stronger in the face of today’s challenges and in the constant battle against ad fraud.


Luke Taylor

Founder and Chief Operating Officer, TrafficGuard

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