Growing Guest Engagement: Stopping Ad Fraud to Drive New Bookings

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Ad fraud in the hospitality industry is often overlooked and undervalued as a real problem, but by the end of 2022, digital ad fraud costs are estimated to reach $81B in the United States alone.

The global pandemic has kick-started a digital revolution in the industry with digital loyalty and app e-commerce capabilities becoming part of a rising trend of technology-driven solutions. However, these rapid operational and marketing changes have revealed a vulnerability to ad fraud, meaning engagement and traffic that is not from legitimate and genuinely interested sources.

Ad fraud in the hospitality industry is being overlooked and undervalued as a problem, yet in the US alone, Statistica forecasts that by the end of 2022, digital ad fraud costs are set to reach $81 billion. With fraudsters constantly evolving in sophistication, paired with a lack of awareness in the hospitality industry, advertising budgets are being impacted and hospitality companies are suffering losses to bad actors.

Following the impact of the pandemic, it is more important than ever to turn attention to preventing fraudulent traffic, so that the hospitality industry has the best possible chance at reclaimed growth.

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