Introducing a new, faster portal giving you unprecedented transparency

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Businesses of all sizes rely on TrafficGuard to help them understand the true performance of their advertising, prevent ad fraud and drive effective campaign optimisation because TrafficGuard gives clients access to accurate, real-time data, so they can act faster and be bolder to achieve the best advertising performance.

And now it’s about to get even better – with a new, faster portal, giving you unprecedented transparency into the entire advertising journey.

Understand engagement and intent better for more powerful optimisation

Available on Pro PPC Plans

Explore beyond initial advertising engagement with new behaviour reports that bring together data from your site and your advertising. Supercharge ad optimisation with full-funnel intelligence that helps you target audience demonstrating behaviours most aligned to your goals.

Action, not reporting

Available on Pro PPC Plans

So you have all this new intel on the way users engage with your site but what use is insight without action? Every business is unique and your behaviour reporting could uncover new ways to ensure your ad dollars reach their most valuable audiences. Using the insight gained from behaviour reporting, you can customise traffic exclusions and whitelists on TrafficGuard’s Traffic Control, giving you a solution truly tailored to your business.

More sophisticated protection

Available on all plans

Measuring the full journey of your traffic through to the site not only helps you optimise more effectively, but is also key to TrafficGuard delivering the most reliable fraud prevention. Unlike other vendors who don’t have visibility beyond the advertising engagement, TrafficGuard’s machine learning takes these behavioural signals into consideration when activating fraud prevention to prevent false-positive detection using our proprietary Propensity to Convert algorithm.

While aggressively blocking without concern or transparency might fly with other vendors, our clients know that this ultimately harms their campaigns. Reckless legacy tools stop some invalid traffic but usually end up costing your business actual customers who never get to see your ads because of aggressive rules.

Propensity to Convert monitors IPs and placements across all TrafficGuard protected advertising to give each a score of how likely it is to deliver valid traffic. When TrafficGuard detects invalid traffic from a source with a high Propensity to Convert, it will invalidate the traffic, without excluding the source. Invalidation means you can share reports with Google to submit a refund request, and see verified traffic for your own reporting and optimisation efforts. But by not excluding the source, TrafficGuard ensures that any real engagement that might deliver ROI isn’t caught in the crossfire.

Performance, the way you measure it

Available on all plans

New filters and measures give you the flexibility to measure what is important to your business. You can save filters to easily customise your experience. Get a better understanding of engagement, reach and behaviour and easily compare performance over time. We are excited to be rolling out improved reporting and streamlined user experience across the full suite of TrafficGuard products.

Trust in transparency

Available on all plans

What is invalid traffic costing your business? What traffic is TrafficGuard blocking and what is Google blocking? Get an unprecedented level of transparency on the impact of fraud prevention on every campaign and rationalisation on each invalidation. Transparency has always been at the heart of TrafficGuard’s solution because when it comes to verification we want you to understand and trust our solution. Where some vendors operate in a blackbox, we want you to have full visibility into every invalidation. That is why for every single click, you get complete visibility into all of the signals we receive and the validation against it.

The latest demonstration of our commitment to transparency expands on existing invalid traffic cost reporting to also show you what proportion of that cost can be mitigated with prevention; what proportion of invalid traffic is mitigated by Google Ads; as well as the proportion invalidated by TrafficGuard. These new metrics are available across your Campaign, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords, Placements, Locations reports.

Answer, what if?

Available on all plans

Not ready to turn on fraud prevention but curious to see how it would improve your campaigns? Now you can what TrafficGuard would have excluded had it been running prevention, how much money you could have saved, potential performance uplift and where invalid traffic is most debilitating.

Available on Pro PPC plans

The new Exclusion Watchlist details every time exclusion is added or removed on your Google Ads account. In detection mode, this report shows you what TrafficGuard would have excluded had it been in prevention mode.

The future of digital advertising

Successful optimization relies on data. While digital advertising platforms and the industry as a whole seem to be getting more and more opaque, we are focused and singular in our mission to help businesses of all sizes get the clarity they need to unlock the best advertising performance.

And we mean ALL businesses. Whether your spend is monster or modest, we have plans that start at FREE to help businesses get total visibility across their ad spend.

Get started - it's free

You can set up a TrafficGuard account in minutes, so we’ll be protecting your campaigns before you can say ‘sky-high ROI’.

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