Safeguarding Against the Rising Threats of Bots, Scams, and Misinformation in APAC

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In today's digital world, the rapid spread of information through social media platforms and instant messaging has become both a boon and a bane. While users have easy access to information, they also face the risks associated with scams, fake accounts, and AI-generated internet bots. Singapore, in particular, has witnessed the rise of such issues, impacting the younger generation and leading to dire financial losses - another dangerous threat as ChatGPT gains prominence is the prevalence of fake news and misinformation.

With the rise of generative AI and fraudsters having unfettered and faster access to larger data sets, how can individuals and organisations keep their identity, data and money safe?

The pervasive threat of bots, scams and misinformation

Bots and automated accounts have added a new layer of complexity to the issue of online fraud, last year, it was revealed that bad bots accounted for over a quarter of website traffic in Asia Pacific.

With approximately 10% of daily active Twitter users being bots and platforms like TikTok removing millions of fake accounts, the influence and prevalence of bots are significant. Due to the lack of strict regulations governing their activity, these social platforms play a substantial role in creating fake news and manipulating online public opinion. They can infiltrate groups of people and propagate specific ideas, thereby influencing young adults and posing risks to society.

Despite efforts by social media networks to clamp down on bots, they can still create fake accounts, amplify messages, generate fake followers and likes, and mimic the behaviour of real users. Additionally, the emergence of deep fakes such as AI avatars used for political purposes, further exacerbates the challenge.

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