The Impact of Ad Fraud on Marketing KPIs

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Authored by Himanshu Nagrecha, Vice President, India & South Asia, TrafficGuard

The widespread digitalization of business has led marketing budgets to shift towards online platforms. Marketers are using new-age marketing techniques and increasing their ad budgets in a bid to introduce and establish their brand digitally. According to a global report by Dentsu, the ad spend is projected to reach $727.9 billion in 2023.

However, as the digital world has opened several lucrative avenues for brands, ad fraud has emerged as a potential threat to the marketing budget as well as effectiveness, and the damage caused by it is astronomical. According to research by Statista, the cost of digital ad fraud is anticipated to reach $100 billion this year, while APAC is the most hit region.

Ad fraud is not only responsible for draining ad budgets and impacting ROI of the campaign but also tends to impact heavily on marketing KPIs. As advertisers rely on a large amount of data in order to measure campaign success, ad fraud clouds the ability of marketers to make appropriate data-driven decisions. In the digital era, it is obvious for marketers to rely on digital marketing strategies. And understanding the impact of ad fraud on the marketing KPIs is crucial in a bid to reduce the impact and optimise the campaigns.

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