TrafficGuard launches solution to mitigate invalid traffic on Google’s Performance Max campaigns

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Detects and categorises invalid traffic generated by Google's AI wrongly recognising ‘positive’ signals from illegitimate traffic, and optimising towards these ‘users’.

Digital ad verification and fraud prevention platform TrafficGuard has launched a channel solution to provide safeguards for businesses using Google’s Performance Max.

TrafficGuard PMax claims to give marketers tools for identifying and mitigating invalid traffic (IVT) within Performance Max campaigns.

A statement explained that TrafficGuard’s PMax solution detects and categorises invalid traffic, generated by Google’s AI wrongly recognising the ‘positive’ signals from illegitimate traffic, and optimising towards these ‘users’.

It customises exclusion lists tailored to individual customers’ needs and subsequently guides Google’s Performance Max AI to avoid engaging with these undesirable elements, including low-value clickers and bad actors, it added.

Mathew Ratty, CEO, TrafficGuard, said, “We launched our Pmax Channel solution to give marketers greater visibility and control over their Performance Max campaigns. It provides in-depth reporting analysis, audience targeting solutions, and invalid traffic filters that enables marketers to maximise RoI, safeguard their campaigns and make informed decisions. At the same time, they can influence the PMax algorithm to ensure the data it optimises towards is as close to your target audience as possible. This enables businesses to prevent the negative effects of the black box algorithm, as they can influence it to their advantage.”

Elie Shuggi, Chief Product Officer, TrafficGuard, said, “This solution addresses a crucial need within our marketing community. Trusting black box algorithms has become increasingly challenging, and we believe TrafficGuard’s PMax solution offers the protection they seek. Our initial trials have been promising, filtering out bot traffic amongst other invalid traffic, and enabling Google’s Performance Max AI to seek genuine users across Google advertising channels.”

The claimed results of using TrafficGuard’s Pmax Channel solution are increased return on ad spend targeting genuine people, and insights so users can spot trends and optimise digital media channels. TrafficGuard’s Pmax Channel solution also claims to provide a data collection filter to mitigate exposure to unwanted data collection.

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