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TrafficGuard for Search

The optimisation tool
you’ve been searching for.

Stop invalid traffic from compromising your search campaigns. Optimise with verified traffic and performance data you can trust.




Measure and verify search traffic for better campaign optimisation

Get a better understanding of the value of your search audience and the behaviours that characterise it. Are visitors habitually navigating through your ads? Are visitors from certain sources less engaged and less valuable than others? Armed with full visibility of real performance, you can move beyond vanity metrics to drive better campaign results.


Prevent invalid traffic and protect your ad spend

Competitors clicking on ads, bots & click farms and accidental clicks are all forms of invalid traffic that stop your Search advertising from reaching its full potential.

Make sure your ad spend helps you engage your target audience by stopping invalid traffic with TrafficGuard.

Customer spotlight

“With TrafficGuard as our partner, we are better able to stay ahead of the fraudsters and exceed our clients' goals.”

Rob Crumpler, CEO, Altrooz


Ready to protect your search ads?

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Programmatic Display

Tackle Google Ads fraud and improve your search advertising performance

TrafficGuard can help you to improve the performance of your search campaigns in a number of key ways, some of which are more obvious than others.

  • Stopping invalid traffic — Invalid traffic eats into your digital ad spend, preventing you from taking full advantage of the potential that Search and other online advertising channels have to offer. By eliminating this traffic at source, you can make your ad spend go further and squeeze every last drop of performance from each campaign you create.
  • Generating more accurate campaign reports — When you are evaluating your Search advertising campaigns and strategies, you need accurate data in order to come to useful conclusions. Because our software prevents Google Ads fraud, it cleans up your campaign data at the same time. What this means for your organization is that the next time you evaluate a particular campaign's effectiveness, you will be doing so with more accurate data.
  • Providing more detailed reporting capabilities — You don't just get cleaner, more accurate data with TrafficGuard, you get more of it too. And with the advanced reporting functionality that's included in our platform, you will be able to analyze the behavior of visitors to your websites at a deeper, more granular level.


Why is TrafficGuard the best click fraud software for your search campaigns?

TrafficGuard is the best click fraud platform for Search because it provides an unmatched level of protection. It can also be configured to protect against click fraud on other channels, including social media, PPC, apps, and affiliate marketing.

Why is it so important to use ad fraud prevention for Google Ads?

Without effective ad fraud prevention, you will not only be wasting your advertising budget but also working with inaccurate data when creating new campaigns, which means your Search ads will continue to underperform. TrafficGuard can help you to leverage the full power of Google Ads, which makes it an essential tool for all types of commercial organizations.

What is classified as invalid traffic when it comes to search campaigns?

Invalid traffic is any type of interaction or engagement with your Search ads that is not a result of real interest in the products or services that are being advertised. Whether it is malicious or accidental, it needs to be eliminated in order to optimize your ad spend.