Why Every Google Ads User Can, And Should, Protect Their PPC Budget.

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Google Ads is an incredible tool for businesses of all sizes.

With an average conversion rate of 4.4%, Google Ads transcends industry and company size as a favourite marketing platform with many different businesses. Whether advertising multi-million dollar software to enterprises or construction services to local residents, advertisers can easily target intent-driven prospects and lead them to high-converting landing pages. It’s no surprise that even small businesses spend an average of $10,000 per month on Google Ads campaigns (Wordstream, 2019).

However, some factors can lead to diminished campaign success.

After determining the perfect CTA, honing in on targeted keywords, and dedicating a large chunk of budget to the platform, it can be incredibly frustrating when PPC campaigns don’t produce the expected levels of ROI. These results are not always down to copywriting or your typical targeting issues, many external factors can also lead to diminished returns on Google Ads, including:

Malicious Actors Competitors purposefully engaging with your ads to drain budgets, click farms driving invalid traffic, external actors with malicious intentions can play havoc with your precious PPC budget.

Accidental Clicks An unintentional mouse slip or a misjudged search term, ad clicks made in error may not be malicious, but they still cost money and won’t lead to an incremental conversion.

Revisits Prospects may navigate to a site via paid ads multiple times during their decision making process. Although their intent is genuine and their research may end in a conversion, these clicks have no incremental value, meaning businesses can pay multiple times for the same prospect.

Internal Clicks Internal members of the team not clued-up on Google Ads may navigate to the company site through ads, unintentionally draining the ad budget.

That’s why all businesses, regardless of size, should take steps to protect their PPC budgets.

With pricing plans to fit ad budgets from $100 to $100,000, TrafficGuard’s PPC Protect solution is a must-have for marketers who want to squeeze maximum results from their ad spend. The platform monitors every user which clicks through to your ads, continuously updating an exclusion list of invalid traffic in Google Ads to stop showing your ads to bad actors and repeat visitors. By ensuring that only valid traffic is shown your ads, TrafficGuard enables:

Inexpensive Traffic Cleaning We want to democratize transparency in the PPC world, so our basic solution is completely free. For agencies and high-budget campaigns who want enhanced features, our Pro product costs just 2% of your total Google Ads spend.

Huge Cost Savings We see ad fraud draining almost 30% of every new client's advertising spend. By mitigating these non-converting click throughs and ensuring ads are only shown to relevant users, our clients are able to squeeze more potential from the same ad spend as before.

Enhanced Campaign Transparency PPC Protect ensures only verified traffic is included in campaigns, enabling marketers to make better advertising decisions and ultimately enjoy the best advertising performance.

Quality Control on an Enterprise Scale Especially for larger campaigns, it would be impossible to verify each click-through manually. TrafficGuard’s algorithm checks all traffic in real-time, offering unprecedented levels of quality control and protecting your PPC team’s time.

“Our mission is to help every business get the clarity they need to unlock the best advertising performance. A reflection of this mission is our effort to democratise transparency. With our free PPC protection, transparency isn’t just the purview of big brand advertisers and agencies – Businesses of all sizes can get the visibility they need to fight ad fraud.”
Luke Taylor - Founder and COO, TrafficGuard

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